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Dr Cathy Slack

Principal Investigator


I graduated from Imperial College in 2002 with a PhD in Genetics and completed my postdoctoral training with Prof. William Chia (MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, Kings College London) and Dame Prof. Linda Partridge (Institute of Healthy Ageing, University College London).


I started my own research group within the College of Health & Life Sciences at Aston University in August 2016. In May 2023, I moved to join the School of Life Sciences at University of Warwick as Associate Professor.


My scientific background covers ageing biology, cell signalling and Drosophila genetics. 

Dr Cui Guan

Postdoctoral Researcher


I graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 2019 with a PhD in Neuroscience with Prof. Lars and Dr. Alexandra Chittka. I investigated the role of protein arginine methylation in bumblebee brain development and learning. My research to date has involved developmental biology, behavioural biology, learning and memory and the molecular basis of these aspects. In January 2020, I started my postdoctoral training with Dr. Cathy Slack (School of Life & Health Sciences at Aston University). I’m interested in using genetics and other molecular techniques to understand ageing.

Mihails Laskovs

MIBTP PhD Student


I studied Bsc Molecular Biology at University College London which I finished in 2019. After which, I worked as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Healthy Ageing (University College London) in Dr John Labbadia's Lab where I used the nematode worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, and tissue culture to understand how signals that promote growth and development early in life, influence proteostasis across tissues. 

I started my PhD in 2020, and will focus on deciphering the metabolic effects of Ras inhibition during ageing in fruit flies. 

Jake Moorse

PhD Student/Research Fellow

JM Photo.JPG

I graduated in 2017 from the University of South Wales with a BSc in Biology where I investigated how Dugesia lugubris large tissue regeneration was affected by electrical fields.


I then joined the Slack lab between 2017-2018 as a research technician and investigated using Drosophila as a TB drug discovery model. I then spent a year working as a research technician in Carolina Rezavals lab at the University of Birmingham studying decision making in Drosophila.


I returned to the Slack lab to start my PhD in October 2020, where my research project focuses on using Drosophila as a model to identify novel geroprotectors and promote healthy ageing. 

Giulia Barini

Research Technician


I graduated in 2023 from the University of Sheffield with a MSc in Translational Neuroscience. My research project aimed at investigating the spreading of pathological-relevant length dipeptide repeat proteins in a novel Drosophila model of C9ORF72-related Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Dementia in Dr Ryan West’s lab. 


I joined the Slack Lab in January 2024 as a research technician studying how FOXO transcriptional complexes coordinate metabolic changes during ageing.

Lab Alumni

Lauren Mcdonagh

PhD (2018 - 2022)

Abigail Otchere

PhD (2017 - 2021)

Adrian Purcariu

BSc Biology Placement Student (2018-2019)

Emma Morris

BSc Biomedical Sciences Placement Student (2016-2017)

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